by Ruth

One day after my exercise in the garage by circling my cat several times, I sat down to rest.

With May just around the corner, the trees were blossoming and flowers were sprouting. Everything seemed alive. It was a nice peaceful scene. There was a slight breeze and the sun was shining.

The birds were flying all around and chirping in the trees close by.

There was a mother bird that flew into the cactus where she had pecked a hole in the cactus and she had a nest. You could hear the baby birds when she brought them food. She was very careful not to fly directly to the nest. She would fly to a nearby tree and look all around, checking to see that no other birds were around, and then she would fly to the next and perch outside of the hole again, looking around. Then she would go in and feed them.

Another interesting happening — Two rabbits are eating in my neighbor’s yard. They are real cute. They listen with their long rabbit ears. Oh! There goes a quail bird with the family behind him, all in a row. I think the leader is the father, with the mother following, and then three little chicks. They go real fast, especially in the street.

Nature is a wonderful thing, and because of our busy lives, we don’t take time to appreciate the wonder and marvelous things around us.

April 29, 2011

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