Chapter 2 – My Aunt Sadie’s House

My Aunt Sadie’s House
By Ruth, November 28, 2008

My Aunt had prepared a big meal for us, the best part being a large three-layer homemade cake with whipped cream and fruit between the layers, and also on top. It was just delicious.

My aunt is my father’s sister. She is the oldest of twelve children and my father is the youngest.

After a look around the huge house, with its beautiful rugs that you sink into when you walk, art, pictures, and everything so magnificent, we finally came to a room on the first floor that would be my room. It was a very long room with the walls on both sides of the door, and windows only at the other end. The view from the window was of the woods. The bathroom was off the hall. We were really in the country.

I was very tired and it was time for bed. During the night I woke up hearing a scratching sound on the window. I imagined unnamed things coming out of the woods. It was completely dark and frightening. I was frightened and huddled in the bed covers. The sound was coming from the woods. In the city, I had recalled lights out on the street, but this was dark, dark. I just couldn’t cry out for my Aunt (my father had returned home after dinner), so I just prayed for morning and light.

I probably slept some because it was morning and the sun was shining in and everything seemed fine, as if nothing had happened during the night. But it really had happened.

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2 responses to “Chapter 2 – My Aunt Sadie’s House

  1. WOW!! I loved your story! How wonderful to experience something so special, especially as a child when everything is new and exciting.

    I printed up a copy of your story and I’m going to share it with my Mom. She has been very sick and I know your story will cheer her up.

    I can’t wait to read more…keep writing Ruth – your doing just Great!!

  2. Ruth- This brings up a memory for me too. I was staying at a cabin out in the woods with my family and I wanted to sleep out on the enclosed porch. I lasted probably less than 10 minutes. Those were the spookiest owl hoots I had ever heard! Only back then I didn’t know they were owls. I was sure they were demons coming to get me! I think I slept quite well that night inside close to my mom.

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