Chapter 1 – My Trip to the Country

By Ruth , 10/16/96

I was so excited when my father told me that I could visit my Aunt Sadie’s farm in the country for a whole week. I live in the city, so this was a wonderful adventure for me. I am eight years old and my name is Ruth.

The next morning I was up early and ready to go even before breakfast. We did have breakfast and after my Dad and I started out for the trolley line, three blocks away. This as the beginning of the trip; the trolley couldn’t go fast enough for me.

In the center of town, we transferred to another trolley. This time it was an open trolley — for summer. All the seats extended from side-to-side and you entered from a running board along the outside. There wasn’t an aisle.

After a short wait for the other passengers, we were off on the long and thrilling ride to the country. It was wonderful and we went faster as we approached the outskirts of the city. During one part of the trip, when we reached the country, we were going through a wooded area and around big curves. This track was just for the trolley car and the motorman speeded up so that the trees and shrubs were hurrying by. The wind was in our faces and blew our hair every which way. It really took my breath away. With the open trolley, it was much more exciting – almost as if we were in a separate world of our own.

Later, we reached our stop, but there still was a long way to go. We started the long hike to my Aunt’s house. Along the way, there were all sorts of things to see and hear – trees and bushes with berries and special flowers (besides all kinds of birds).

We finally reached the road that wound around the hill to my Aunt’s house. We were very tired and thirsty by this time, but my Dad knew of a fresh spring that just flowed out of the wall off the road. So we stopped to rest and enjoy the fresh, cold water from the spring. There were trees and the smell of freshly cut grass with bees and butterflies all around us. It was just a summer wonderland!

After resting, we started up the long hill to my Aunt’s house. It was a very big house made out of stone with huge windows, just like eyes watching us as we approached. We reached the top of the hill and my Aunt Sadie ran out to meet us. She was so happy to see us – we were all so happy the hugs and kisses were all around.

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One response to “Chapter 1 – My Trip to the Country

  1. Arlene A Loomis

    I want to go along, it sounds wonderful.

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