Chapter 9 – The Fortune Teller

By Ruth

When I woke up I dressed in my dress up clothes as my mom and dad were coming out to visit Aunt Sadie and Uncle Jim. I was excited and happy to see them.  Yesterday, when my Aunt asked if I could spend another week with her,  my parents said yes. It was a double celebration.

I hopped down the stairs two at a time and found my Aunt cooking in the kitchen. She was making all sorts of goodies in preparations for my parent’s visit.  She had something special to tell me, but first breakfast.  I begged her to tell me now but she still said after breakfast. Finally breakfast was finished and then we  sat down and she told me not only were my parents coming this afternoon but my Aunt Vina and my two cousins Vina and Bernise were coming next week  and the cousins would spend a week too. What a fun time we were going to have together. This was really exciting.

My parents arrived first and I started to tell them all the different things and adventures I had with Aunt Sadie and Uncle Jim.  “Whoa there” my Dad said with a big smile and hug.  My mother stood by looking on with a happy smile and gave me a big hug and kisses too. “We will catch up later” my Mother said with a fond smile. Aunt Sadie was beaming too as we all went inside.

Aunt Sadie brought out a big apple pie we had made with the apples we picked from the orchard. There was coffee fresh grounded for the grown-ups and a big glass of cold milk for me. We all sat around the dining room table and were talking all at once. Everyone was so happy. My Aunt said she even forgot the time as she had some ladies coming. The ones she called her patrons with beautiful clothes and shoes. They wore gloves and hats too. She had to get ready for them. “You just catch up and tell your parents about our adventures last week” Aunt Sadie said.

As she went to get ready, we went out and sat on the big porch that was two stories high and started in the front and went all around the side to the kitchen door. When we were seated, I asked my Dad about the ladies who came to visit Aunt Sadie in her special room as I wondered about them. My dad started to explain about how some people believe in the future and go to people who are physic to help them by telling or suggesting what the future might be for them. Aunt Sadie was one of these people and could read the future from the cards.  He went on to say that she was born under the veil. I asked what was that and Dad said its sort of a cocoon wrapped around the baby and babies born with it can tell the future. Aunt Sadie could portend the future so she was a fortune teller. She enjoyed helping people who were curious about their future and did this as a hobby.

There was more information in the summer when Savin Rock, the amusement park, opened they set up a tent for her and she gave readings for people. “Wow, that must be fun. Can we visit her the next time we go to Savin Rock?” I asked. “We will see” my mother said. Later when the ladies had left, Aunt Sadie joined us. We all went out to the garden and picked some corn for supper. I asked for the corn silk when we came back and were husking the corn. Sure my Aunt said, but what will you do with it she asked. I’m going to put it on my doll and make her a blonde with long hair. What a novel idea they thought.

Finally we all went in to supper; it was so wonderful having everyone together. When supper was finished it was almost time for bed but I wanted to stay up. My Mother said tomorrow would be best as they were staying overnight. She tucked me in and I went off to sleep and dreamed of next week with my cousins.

2 responses to “Chapter 9 – The Fortune Teller

  1. Joanne Carey

    Monday, April 19, 2010 11:30 p.m.

    Dear Ruth,

    I really enjoyed this story, I had no idea your Aunt was a fortune teller!

    Your stories are always so wonderful and I love to read about the “old days”. My Grandmother told me stories about when she was a little girl. I enjoyed listening to her tell me about growing up in Ohio (she was born in 1899).

    This was a very happy story about family ….. it reminded me of how my/our family use to be. Everyone sitting at the table talking all at once. Do you remember the Holidays at Mom and Dad’s house? We always had so much fun together.

    I love reading your stories, but I don’t think you receive my comments. I always write something in the comment space, but in your letters I can tell that you have not received them. Maybe there is something wrong with my computer. Please let me know if you get this.

    Lots of Love to you and thank you for writing another wonderful story. Also, for all the letters that you send. I appreciate them so very much and will try to write soon.

    Love, Joanne

  2. Ruth – very interesting story- -you indeed are a special writer – how nice to hear of your background. My love always
    Mary Lou

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