Chapter 3 – A Surprise Ride in the Apple Orchard

By Ruth

At breakfast the next morning, first day of my vacation with my Aunt, I told her about the scratching and noises I had heard at the window during the night. She had prepared a big breakfast special for me but I wasn’t able to eat much, as I was still upset from last night. Finally, my Aunt suggested we go and explore outside my window. I was a little reluctant, even with my Aunt, but I finally agreed. Once outside, we climbed a little hill that was covered with vines and broken branches and we were at the window.

Yes, I was right about the scratching and noise that I had heard during the night. There was a big, big branch with smaller branches and leaves, leaning against the window. So, when the wind was blowing, it made the scratching sounds I had heard during the night. My Aunt said she would have the farm hand cut them down. “Now shall we go and finish breakfast?” she asked. “Oh yes, now I’m hungry.” She had pancakes with fresh maple syrup, also a large bowl of apples from the farm and fresh milk.

During breakfast my aunt suggested that I could sleep upstairs in her large and beautiful spare room which was across from her and my Uncle’s bedroom, with the hall between us. I was happy to agree and we finished breakfast. She told me she had a surprise in store for me. She wouldn’t say until we finished cleaning up the dishes from breakfast. Then, we went out to the barn. My Aunt had two surprises for me. First she gave me an old straw hat with a brim for the sun. It had pink streamers on both sides and as she tied them under my chin, the farm hand came around the corner leading a horse. The horse, besides being big, was a nice brown color and had white in the middle of his head running down to his nose. Although that was exciting, what came next was even a bigger surprise.

It was a small black buggy, with a little roof and a seat just big enough for my Aunt and I, with an open front. The kind you see in the movies (Westerns.) She lifted me up and got in, took the reins and we were off! I had never ridden in a buggy with a horse before, and it was fun.

My Aunt knew a little road thru the woods which was very narrow, as we brushed the tree branches when we drove by. You could hear the buzzing of the bees and insects, also butterflies flitting and all kinds of birds chirping. You could just feel the summer with the sun shinning all around us. There were even wild flowers growing with all wonderful different scents. It was like another world.

We arrived at my Aunt and Uncle’s apple orchard. I never saw so many apple trees and all with apples on, too. I had only seen apple trees in books. It was all so new to me; my Aunt laughed. We were able to drive along the tiers. It was on a hill, so they had planted the trees on tiers along the hill. We got out and my Aunt picked some apples to make a pie later. There were so many I asked if I could pick one to eat. “Of course!” she said. I picked a real nice one on one of the lower branches and when I bit into the apple, it was really sweet and juicy. Better than the ones my Mom bought in the store. I helped my Aunt pick some more and then after driving around the orchard again, we took the same way back home. My Uncle was home when we arrived and we all had supper. I told him all about my afternoon. There seemed so much to see and do!

After supper, I was tired and it was time for bed. The new bedroom was beautiful. It had four windows with screens. The furniture was a light maple color. There was a dresser where my Aunt had put my things. It had a big mirror so I could see down to my toes. There was a chest of drawers, too. My Aunt called it a “high boy.” There even was a lounge she said was a chaise lounge. It had a pretty design on the cushions, sort of a red, yellow, and purple, and was very soft to sit on. There were two or three chairs, all upholstered in a nice plaid design. The bed was the best of all, as it had a feather mattress. I sunk right in! It was soft, warm and comfy. My Aunt said, “Good night” and I was asleep in no time, dreaming of all the new adventure that lay ahead.

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3 responses to “Chapter 3 – A Surprise Ride in the Apple Orchard

  1. Friday, February 20, 2009

    Hi Ruth,

    It’s me again, just want to let you know how much I’m enjoying your stories. I always wanted to do exactly what you did, to stay in the country and enjoy nature. I grew up in the city and only saw dogs, cats and brown birds. That was it – we didn’t even have a squirrel!

    Anyway, I want you to know what a wonderful thing you are doing. Writing down your memories from your childhood. I think that’s amazing! I wish my Mom could do this, she just lays in bed and whispers a few words that I can’t even understand. She just keeps getting worse, but I will read your stories to her and maybe she will be happy for a while.

    I think it’s fabulous that you can still enjoy life. It’s so very important. I hope when I’m your age that I can be like you and keep doing things that I love.

    Keep up the good work,

    It makes my day!!!

    Love, Joanne

  2. Ruth- I just love the way you describe everything in such detail. I could hear the bugs, smell the apples, and I loved the feel of that feather bed!

  3. Kandy Clinkingbeard

    Ruth, I am Kim Wells’ sister. I have been a librarian for 22 years, and I am a would-be author. Your story is an evocative memoir that will be a wonderful gift to leave to your children. I wish my grandmother had written such a story for us.

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