Chapter 12 – Going Home, Coming Back

By Ruth

When I awoke I thought about going home. I was happy to return to my home in  the city. I would be with my Mom and Dad, and I would see all my friends again. It was a happy thought. I hopped out of bed and quickly dressed.

When I went downstairs there were delicious smells coming from the kitchen. My Aunt had been baking for later when my mom and dad (and also my Aunt Vina) would arrive with my cousins Vina and Bernice.

My Aunt Sadie told me that later on my cousins were coming out to visit and that she had spoken to my parents and they thought I could visit at the same time so the three of us could get together at Aunt Sadie’s  before school started in the Fall.  I was happy; happy thinking of what fun we would have together. About things we could do and the adventures we could have together. My cousin Vina was 9 years old, I was 8 years, and Bernice was 7 years old. We could explore the woods together, do some baking with Aunt Sadie, pick vegetables and learn about herbs and the exciting things on a farm. Why, together we could even chase George Washington (the goose). I remembered how he chased me. It would be fun. I asked my Aunt over breakfast when they were coming to visit. She thought it might be in August (we went back to school in September).

I went upstairs to pack my things. When I heard my mother and father coming in I rushed down the steps two at a time to meet them. I had missed them and it was good to see them again. My Aunt Vina arrived shortly after with Vina and Bernice. My cousins and I left the grownups to visit and I showed them some of the things I had been doing with Aunt Sadie’s help. It was a nice afternoon so we went down to the barn to visit Henry and ask questions. We laughed but we learned some new things about a farm like the one cow was milked twice a day, morning and evening and of course they ate hay that was like grass and it was harvested in the Fall . In fact, my Dad came out to help when it was haying time. It was almost time to milk the cow so I asked Henry if we could watch. “Sure, I’d like the company” he said.  I asked Henry the cow’s name, he said he called her Betsey. We gave her some hay and talked to her. Henry always spoke to all the animals. He said they understood.  Aunt Sadie was calling us for supper so we left. I said goodbye to Henry and Betsey, telling Henry I was going home now but would be back in August. We even shook hands.

My mother and Aunt had prepared a wonderful dinner. After, we had to leave while it was still light. It was difficult saying goodbye to Aunt Sadie but she reminded me I was coming back in August. Uncle Jim had not come home yet but Aunt Sadie said she would tell him goodbye for me. We also bid Aunt Vina and my cousins goodbye. We started down the hill, my mom and Dad and me, with them waving. Soon we were on the road where we got the trolley car for home. I looked forward to the ride especially around the curve where they sped up. And the wind was in your face and hair. We talked about coming back to Aunt Sadie’s in August and I looked forward to the visit with Vina and Bernice and of course Aunt Sadie and Uncle Jim. We were going to have so much fun together. So although I’ll say goodbye for now, I’ll be back in August with a whole new set of adventures.  Bye Bye…with love and kisses

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