Chapter 11 – Our Adventure in the Woods

By Ruth

The next day after breakfast my Aunt asked how would I like a little walk in the woods, the woods where I was told to never go. “Oh yes, yes, yes” I said, very excited.  We started walking up the hill behind the house and past the garden and entered the woods. It was beautiful with the sun shifting and shimmering through the trees. It was so quiet and magical that we spoke in hushed voices. The bees and insects were flying all around but didn’t bother us. Are there any animals we might see, I asked my Aunt. Not too many, perhaps a squirrel or a chipmunk. The birds were flying in the tree tops too high to tell what kind they were. They flew from trees and chirped. They were very happy. After we went a little ways my Aunt thought we could have lunch. My, a picnic in the woods, how wonderful. We continued a little ways looking for a nice spot to have our picnic and suddenly we came upon some ruins of an old building. What was a building doing here in the woods? My Aunt was surprised. Was it an old temple or a hut where people had lived and worshipped years and years ago? My Aunt said we could make up our own story.

We sat on a wall that was still standing and my Aunt brought out the lunch. It looked delicious. We decided to sit on the grass by the ruins so she could spread out a tablecloth. It was much better than the rough wall. After lunch we explored the ruins. The back wall was still standing with a chimney and fireplace where they probably cooked, my Aunt thought. We decided to just sit and enjoy the beauty that surrounded us. The sun had shifted and it was getting a little colder. What had been so beautiful a short time ago became a little strange and unfamiliar. There were shadows and deep dark places between the trees. We couldn’t even see the ruins.  Aunt Sadie gathered up the basket and table cloth and decided it was time to go back.  We hurried and finally were out of the woods. It was still light on the hill as we approached the house. My Aunt said that how the woods were dark and mysterious at night and that’s why I should stay away from them. I was sure I would not go into them by myself.

My Uncle was home waiting for us when we went in the house and wondered where we had been. My Aunt fixed our supper which had been baking in the oven. With all the excitement I was tired and went up to bed to dream about our trip to the woods and all the wonderful and strange things we had seen. It had been a wonderful and exciting day but then all days were exciting with Aunt Sadie.

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