Chapter 10 – The Windsock

By Ruth

The next morning I awoke early and there were loud voices coming from downstairs. This was strange as usually it was quiet. I dressed quickly and went down to the hall where they were talking with Aunt Sadie and my father; two strange men, well dressed. They were looking at a large map I guessed. I listened and found out they were talking about putting up a wind sock on the ill behind the barn.  Wind sock, how strange. My Aunt insisted they come back when my Uncle was home. After more talk they agreed and left the map with Aunt Sadie. After they left we all went into the parlor. My father explained it to my mother and me, but I still didn’t understand. He said a “wind sock” was needed on a high place to show which way the wind was blowing, East to West or North to South for the airplanes to land at the new airport they were building.

The wind sock is open at the wide end and closed at the smaller end. That way it catches the wind and turns which shows the direction of the wind and then they can land the plane, my father said. Oh I said, it’s like an ice cream cone. That’s right. I still had questions but my Aunt said we should go to the dining room as the food was on the table. I had more questions but Dad said let’s talk over breakfast. When we were settled at the table I asked about the new airport they were building and what we saw when we went by it on our way to Aunt Sadie’s. It was just a big, big field and the big machines were moving the dirt. My father said they were bulldozers and they were leveling the ground so they could build the necessary building on it and also leveling the ground to pour cement for the airplanes to land. There would be a tower to instruct the planes on landing and another building for a waiting room where they would sell tickets to get on the plane. He said we would come back and see it and the planes land and take off when it was finished.

After breakfast my parents left and Aunt Sadie and I cleaned up. Then she said she had to do some sewing and I could join her or visit Henry in the barn and have him show me what he was working on today. That didn’t seem like much fun so I watched my Aunt sewing and even helped her.

Later on Uncle Jim came home and he had a surprise for us. “Oh what is it?” I asked excitedly. I am going to take you both for a ride to look at some property and we might just stop and have some ice cream on the way back.  Aunt Sadie thought it was a good idea so we got in the car. My Uncle drove a little ways and showed us a little house he was thinking of buying.  My Aunt said he was in real estate. After seeing the house we drove to an ice cream parlor. It smelled so good. They had all different flavors of ice cream it was hard to decide. Finally I had a vanilla and chocolate cone, two scoops. Wow, this was a wonderful treat. When we got back I was very tired and didn’t want any supper. My Aunt thought I should wash up and go to bed. Tomorrow she had planned something special, a picnic in the woods.  I went to sleep dreaming of our trip tomorrow.

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