Monsoon Fury

by Ruth

It was a nice Sunday afternoon with the sun shining and it was even cooler. I was reading the Sunday paper when it started getting dark, and the wind was blowing – a sure sign of rain in the offering.

Then it started to rain, unbelievable wind tossing the tree limbs back and forth. There were sheets of rain coming from all directions, which in itself was disturbing. It pelted the windows, the doors and the roof. I felt isolated. But this was not enough. We also had hail stones, although they were small. It was eerie hearing them hit the windows. Then in the middle of all this, the electricity went off. There was still some light because it was late afternoon, giving us time to find candles and flashlights.

Then as we settled down to wait, we heard water dripping in the foyer. Upon checking, there was water on the floor under the window, probably from the roof, as the window was closed. Anyway this would have to wait for another time. My girl mopped it up.

Now there was dinner to think about. I have an electric stove, so a hot meal was out of the question. We quickly checked the refrigerator and my helper made me a cold sandwich with some milk.

Later, as it grew dark and the rain was still coming down, she helped me to get ready for bed. Then she had to leave. I usually read, so I started to read my book with the aid of the flashlight. The electricity came back on just as I was going to bed. I believe it was off for five or six hours.

An experience like this makes one sit and think how much we are dependent on our conveniences.

July, 2012

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