Kim’s Little Chest

by Ruth

Kim’s little chest was a very ornate affair. It had very small iron handles on each side and the top was emblazoned with a very ferocious lion. The prominent lock was probably gold.

What did Kim’s chest hold? Difficult to tell; perhaps some secret, or treasure. Kim isn’t telling us. There could be some old treasure maps, but then maybe the treasure itself. Let’s open it and see. Well, well, here are maps, but are they the treasure maps? Upon checking they seem to be. Kim frowned with disapproval. Did he know what was in his little chest? Perhaps.

On checking further we found some jewelry – rings, bracelets, etc. They seemed to be authentic. Oh, but look stuck down in the corner under the beautiful red satin lining, tucked away was a small packet. When we opened it, it had fairy dust, which we had sprinkled, not knowing, on ourselves. We became members of Fairyland, just like this tale.

November, 2012

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