Kim’s Little Chest Revisited

by Ruth

Kim was very angry that we had opened his little chest. He stomped and threw his arms in the air. His face became very red. All the jumping up and down had caused the little chest to turn over on its side. And, surprise, a little tray popped out from the bottom. It was filled with golden nuggets, nice and shiny, actually glittering in the sunlight.

This was the answer to why Kim was so excited and upset when we had opened the little chest.

Where did the gold nuggets come from, and why were they in Kim’s chest? Kim wasn’t about to tell us, so we had to work it out for ourselves.

Let’s see, were there any dates on the nuggets on the maps on the little chest itself? Oh, here in the far corner, just barely legible in the far corner on the bottom was the number 1812, or was it 1712? We would have it checked by an expert. But would Kim let us take the chest to be checked?

We will see.

November, 2012

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