Different Thoughts

by Ruth

Here it is the eleventh hour and without a clue of what to write. Now we could write about all the things that bother us, but no. And then there are all the necessary and practical jobs that are waiting for us, but again no.

Let’s think of happy things we enjoy. For instance, visiting with family (no TV on). Just conversation and good humor, perhaps some small refreshments, and bringing everyone up to date on events in our lives. Just a good time. Maybe reading a good book we just can’t put down. Or going to the ice cream parlor for a treat, and taking the dog with us for a treat also.

Just being in the park or on the beach, watching the tide come in with the big waves covering up the beach.

Where has all this gone? We hurry and run. No time for each other. What are we running from or running to? If you were to ask, we do not know. We do not have an answer.

June, 2012

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