by Ruth

I took time to look at the sky and it was filled with beautiful white clouds. They were very distinct and clearly defined. They were outlined against the clear blue sky. It was just a wonderful sight. They were moving very slowly. They seemed like “whipped cream” in the sky. I was fascinated and just stood there absorbing Mother Nature’s display. If I could only paint a picture of them and keep them on canvass forever.

I was on a plane once coming home from Florida to New York when we came upon a lovely big patch of white clouds. We were riding right through them for several minutes. It was great, really breathtaking.

Now on the other side the clouds at dusk are dark and forbidding against the semi-light sky. They move slowly and mysteriously through the sky. They herald the night to come with its inherent problems and surprises. Still they fascinate as they form and reform, causing concern in anyone watching. Gradually fading into the darkness of the night to repeat again another day.

Personally, I prefer the nice and happy white clouds depicting “whipped cream” and the wonders of the day to come.

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