Bee Removal

by Ruth

When I read about the bees in this morning’s paper, it recalled an incident I had with bees.

My tenant had discovered a nest on their roof. The beekeeper said he would be up to check it out in the evening. All’s well so far. Then about nine or ten o’clock the bell rang. When I opened the door, there stood a tall figure, covered from head to toe, frightening in the dark. However, the strange figure started to talk and I realized he was the beekeeper. Instead of waiting to the next day to report during business hours, he decided to do it at 10:00 pm.

Of course I didn’t invite him in. He said it was all taken care of and gave me a small honeycomb he had found in their nest. Beekeepers would naturally be completely covered for safety, but it really was frightening being at the door, unexpectedly, and in the dark, dressed in full regalia, and face covered.

The bees had left as he informed me, however, they returned the following year.

April, 2012

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