Aunt Sadie’s – Chapter 3

by Ruth

We started up the hill to Aunt Sadie’s house with the two huge windows like eyes watching us as we progressed. About half way up the hill, Vina and Bernice, my cousins came running down to meet us. They had arrived before us. We all were so excited, and all talking together at once. It was fun. Both my Aunt Sadie and Aunt Vina were on the steps to greet us. It was such a happy time.

My Aunt Sadie said we should all come in and sit down after our long walk from the trolley. She and Aunt Vina had prepared a wonderful meal for us. We ate and talked and laughed and ate the dessert – a three layer cake with whipped cream and fresh berries – strawberries and raspberries. It just melted in your mouth. We talked about the sleeping arrangements my Aunt had made for us and guess what? She had given us girls the big room upstairs, providing we behaved ourselves and acted like we were young ladies. If not, she would separate us. Of course, we promised with a giggle.

My dad brought in our bags as it was getting dark and we all had a long day. So we said Good-night.

January, 2012

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