Aunt Sadie’s – Chapter 5

by Ruth

My aunt had made us all little aprons so we could help her in the kitchen. She was very good at sewing as well as being a very, very good cook. She rolled out the dough for the pies while we cleaned the berries. The berries were washed and put in a bowl with the sugar and some flour to sweeten and thicken. We all helped putting the dough for the crust in the pans and molded it to fit. My aunt started cutting strips of dough. We were surprised. However she continued filling the pans with the berry mixture and started to place the strips of dough on the top of the berries. When they were all placed, she turned the pan and continued with the strips, putting them over the first ones, sort of criss-cross. This was called a lattice crust. It did look pretty. That finished, my aunt told us to go out and play while she cleaned up.

After hanging up our aprons, we ran outside. I suggested we go down to the barn and see Henry, the farm hand. He could tell us so many things about the running of the farm. There was a cow, a horse, chickens and ducks in the barn and the barn yard.

Just as we were talking with Henry, my aunt called us. The pies were ready and we were to have a piece. We could small them as we came in. Vina, the oldest cousin, said she should be first as she was the oldest. Aunt Sadie said, no, we were to have our pie all together. This was the first time I had current pie. It was delicious. We were all so happy. Henry could wait for another day.

March, 2012

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