Aunt Sadie’s – Chapter 2

by Ruth

We reached our stop and got off the trolley and started our long walk to Aunt Sadie’s. Along the way we saw some pretty birds, my dad said they were blue birds. Then there were some humming birds. They just kept flying in the air. They were tiny with very pretty coloring. Soon we came to some big fields with big, big yellow machines. My dad said they were bulldozers and they dug up and moved the ground and then leveled it off. A new airport was being built which one day be an international airport. Airplanes would come from all over the world, that’s what international meant, my mom said.

We continued on and finally came to the turn off to my aunt’s farm. My mom said we should rest before climbing the hill. We sat down in a little cove-like spot with trees overhead and the spring coming out of the rocks. We had a drink of the really cold water. It felt good to rest and drink from the spring before we started up the hill.

Sept, 2011

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