Ruth was born and raised in Connecticut, and attended college in New York. She worked in Pennsylvania and New York with her husband. She continued to work in NY for 19 years after her husband passed away, and in 1980 she moved to California, where she started a new career. She moved to Tucson in 1995 and joined Lend-A-Hand Senior Writers in 2008.

Ruth and her husband were in real estate; then after retirement, Ruth became bored. She decided to get a job with the government “just for fun, just for a short time, not to be a career.” She worked in an integrated office which was a different experience for her. Ruth hadn’t worked with black people prior to that time. She enjoyed her fun job.

Ruth’s spinning wheel story: there was a custom in the old days to give a daughter a spinning wheel upon her marriage. If you were rich you gave your daughter a spinning wheel with big wheel; if poor, a small wheel. When she married, Ruth received a big spinning wheel. According to an historical society back east, the spinning wheel Ruth has is not Amish. She’s bringing the report from them to review with Sherri Burke who has had experience with antiques. Ruth hoped Sherri would be able to tell her more about her treasured antique.

Ruth passed away in 2013. Please read and enjoy Ruth’s published work!

Ruth’s published work:






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