To My Brother

by Phyllis

Remember yesteryear,
We were diving off an old log,
And Willie was our black and white hunting dog?

Remember Daddy and Lucy,
Showing shadow puppets on the old white sheet?
There was always laughter
And little dancing feet.

Remember the smell of biscuits,
The pot of beans always there,
Roasting corn,
And music filling the air,
Mama cooking outside,
In the summer?
I can still see,
As Daddy told stories,
And we played beneath the tree.

Remember walking to school,
Chanting our happy songs,
Learning our lessons,
With joy
Doing no wrongs?

Big John, we parted on life’s lonely road,
Gathering strength to carry our load.
Tenderly, I carried you, Big John,
And you were not heavy,
Even though you were bigger than me.
I was your horse,
Translator and friend.
My love for you will never end.
When the time came,
You set me free-
Free from the Devil,
And loved by the best
My heart has finally, finally found rest.
Brother so dear,
Sharing the name of St. John,
From my heart,
You will never be gone.

September, 2010

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