Pea In A Pod

By Phyllis

Give me rain.
So I may drink.
Give me sunshine
And stars at night.
I try to remember
To always think.
One of these days,
Life will be right.
Most of my days
I have had no hope.
It was easy to drink
And to use the dope.
Everything seemed
So sad and so wrong.
The future was bleak;
The days were long.
I saw a Beast
And suffered in hell.
I screamed,
But no one could hear.
I want to go back
Into my shell.
I will have nothing to fear.
I will grow,
With others like me.
The rain will fall;
The sunshine will shine.
The Beast
I will no longer see.
And when I fall,
From the living vine,
There will be comfort
And songs to sing.
Like the birds,
I will be able to fly,
For others like me,
love they bring.
In that way,
We don’t have to die.
The Beast is still there –
Don’t get me wrong,
But he is weak,
And we are strong.

April, 2011

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