Dear Hero

by Phyllis

I want you to know I am so proud of you,
Willing to stand in the face of Hell.
You always seek the right thing to do,
With knowledge and courage, never to fail.

Into the armed forces you decided to go,
Taking the same oath your grandfathers made.
You with your buddies are fighting our foe
So we may live and not be afraid.

Those that have gone before you,
Their spirits will always be.
To enlighten our flag, red, white and blue
As evil is divided and falls on its knee.

You can see movement deep in the dark.
I believe in our troops, I believe in you!
On the journey you must embark.
United, you stand in all that you do.

I pray with no end, thanking the Creator
For all the blessings He’s given to me
And, I know, work of the predator
I hope will soon cease to be.

September, 2011

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