Years Ago-My Past

by Liz

I lived in a suburb of Minneapolis; St Paul was our twin city. The fun event was the Aquatennial and water shows each July. St Paul had the ice carved figures in downtown area for winter carnival. I twirled the baton and marched for 3 years in the Minneapolis Aquatennial.

I spent at least one Sunday afternoon a week at an amusement park on the waterfront of Lake Minnetonka. The lake is 75 miles around it.  It has cruises for tourists.  The park had a roller coaster that was on the edge of the water. Once it broke loose and some cars went into the lake.

My sister and I had a toboggan for the steep slopes around our home.  The path was fun to make and the more packed the snow the faster the ride.

We spent one day a year in Wisconsin for a family reunion. I spent a few times in Chicago because on my happiest times was riding the L.

There was not much TV in our home because of all the family buffets. My father liked to be a chef in front of the family. My mom was a good cook. I had to be careful about bragging about one food over the other person.

It was an Irish family and all the fun jokes most of the time. Everybody seemed happy with Irish songs in our home. Attitude is the key to living with my dad’s first heart attack at age 8. I never complained. I had a good attitude of happiness.

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