Vienna, Austria

by Liz

I flew from London to Vienna, Austria, the most beautiful city of art and culture. The city has beautiful fountains at every important site and palace.

The river is called the Danube. It is breathtaking from the lights of the city reflecting on the water. The biggest wheel in the world is in Vienna, close to the Danube. The wheel is called a Ferris wheel in America. The world name is Prater for the Ferris wheel or ring.

They also have a famous riding school. The horses are called Lipizzaner, and are a cross between Berber stallions and Andalusian mares. They exercise in time to music. They are pure white. We were supposed to see the beautiful show, but left for America. I was disappointed because we were in the wrong place. When Hitler was in power over the European countries, the horses were held in exile to save them.

It was a terrible feeling for me and the family to drive the road on one way to stay in the free world or the other way to block countries. It borders on the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and part of the Soviet Borders.

The fun part of Vienna is the Viennese waltz. Our friends had a surprise for us, and I’ll never forget the experience. They said we were going on a boat ride down the Danube. We boarded this beautiful vessel. When on the vessel we were seated to eat at a beautiful restaurant. Then the dancers came out on stage to do the Viennese waltz. Then the most beautiful surprise happened. The boat danced to the waltz. The boat was in time to the music. I will never forget my surprise. What an elegant way to have dinner on the Danube, swaying to the boat waltz.

June 16, 2010

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