US Military Trip to Libya

by Liz

I didn’t leave my yard this time, just went out the back door early in the morning at the crack of dawn. The roar was very, very loud to hear, and I watched the F-15s flying over the house and British neighborhood. They were on a mission to save Europe from terrorists.

All of Europe was under attack for months. All airports had military tankers. A suitcase could not be left unattended or it went to the bomb shelter under the airport. Planes were high-jacked very often. It was going from bad to worse. Americans back home had no idea as to the terrible condition in Europe.

President Reagan ordered the attack. The mission left Britain but France would not let us use their air space. America had to make a leap over to Spain. Spain let us use their airspace. We were on mission to Libya to attack Giraffe. We got there but he was not in the presidential palace. He was hiding outside in an underground area. The fighter planes got his residence.

We thought there might be retaliation to England, so we were prepared. I knew if they hit back, our British neighborhood would have been hit like wise base. The neighbors would help me the same as other neighbors.

I was the only American in the neighborhood. The British were very happy over the attack to release Europe of terrorists. My daughter was in boarding school in Oxford, but I was assured she would be taken care of as a British child. They assured me that there was no difference; she was British. I cried to think they cared so much. She was the only American in the boarding school.

As to end of mission, the F-15s returned home. No retaliation. Europe changed and returned to normal. It had to be done. The stronghold was over. Libya lost its power.

This was a wonderful experience to think this had to be stopped. America can do anything. Thank God I am an American.

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