by Liz

There was a swirling mass of air coming from the sky over Minneapolis. The funnel got very dark and then touched down. My home was on the corner. It caught it from the west side of the home. The damage was extensive. It took off the southern pillars around and pitched them into the neighbor’s garage. The chandelier was found two blocks away.

The next area of damage was that the roof was also removed. Then the rains came to soak the inside of the house. The oak floors had to be pulled out, otherwise they would smell from the water damage. The entire inside had to be rebuilt and the outside too.

I had a two year old daughter when this happened in my life. The house was one year old.

When the house was repaired, another tragedy happened. A premonition happened to my first husband, the father of my two year old. He wanted me to go along because it was going to be a very bad car accident. I told him it would not solve anything, because the Lord had called him. So before he left for work on the day of the accident, he sat me down and wished me luck in taking care of our daughter, and with my life, and said good-bye. He went to work, but never came home alive.

The accident was one of the worst I have ever seen. A drunk driver hit the back part of the car causing it to go into a spin. The closest thing was a light pole. The accident happened on highway 494. The car had to be torched apart to get him out. The freeway was shut down for a long spell. He died of 23 things. The drunk driver got away and left the state for Dakota.

I had my mangled car put on display for people to see and realize what drinking and driving does. A 23 year old man died at the hands of a drunk.

His father never talked to me since his son died, because it was in my car. His car was heavier and he claimed it would not have wrapped around the pole.

I feel sorry for people who blame someone else for their sorrow. The Lord made the choice, not me.

May, 2010

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