The Island of Capri

by Liz

I am writing about a paradise of my life. My life has not been all dramatic excitement.

I flew from London to Rome instead of coming across the channel to France then on to Rome.

Rome is an exciting city to drive in because of speed. Flash your lights, I am coming through. You, as a driver, have no place to go. We took transportation to the sea ferry to take us to Capri. We couldn’t go if it was not low tide. The boats and gondolas could not take you into the Blue Grotto until low tide. We got to go because of the coming of low tide.

The ride was beautiful in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The island can only be accessed by the Marina Grande, the ancient port of Capri. It is close to Naples. The tiny entrance to the cave is two meters wide and one meter high. We had to lie down in the boat to get through the entrance. The light is passed into the cave from under water. The underground water colors the inside walls of the cave blue. Anything submerged in the water is silver. In 1826 it was listed as a natural wonder of Capri because of the magic color.

No cars are allowed on the island. It is about 100 miles from Rome. The Blue Grotto was the most beautiful sight of my life. The color was awesome and unbelievable to see and the feel was of something probably from the unknown. I felt I had probably been to heaven and back.

Thank God for this beautiful world.

April 21, 2010

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