The Holy Land

by Liz

We departed Athens, Greece, to see the Holy Lands. We had to go from Greece because we couldn’t cross over from Egypt and vice versa. The airport was Tel Aviv, where planes were camouflaged. The first stop was Jerusalem. To the Christians, it is the city of Jesus’ life and rising from the dead. This is the world’s most sacred city. More wars have been fought at its gates than any other city in the world. 1967, during 6 day war, took old city back from Jordanian hands.

The walls of Jerusalem average 40 feet in height with 34 towns and eight gates. We walked the top of the walls. What a view!

Calvary is believed to be where Jesus was stripped and nailed to the cross by Romans. We visited the Virgin Mary’s tomb in Kidron Valley, but a church is built over the top.

A trip to the Dead Sea was fun for the girls. They could just relax on top of the water. The Dead Sea holds 5 times more solids of salt.

Masada is where 960 people decided not to become slaves of the Roman enemies. The men killed family first, then themselves. Then it got down to ten men to destroy the rest. The surviving man checked bodies and found every one dead, then set fire to the palace. The palace was quiet the next day for the Romans. The story was told by two women who hid themselves and their children.

We hired a Muslim driver for us to see the Holy Land because Christian drivers may be attacked by Muslims. We also stayed in a Muslim hotel. The hotel was a former harem house. My goal after seeing as much as possible of the Holy Land was to go to occupied Jordan. The car was searched, even the trunk, by military with machine guns. I got to see it and where trouble was being infested. When on the Jordan side, he stopped the car and took us to see Israel from the Jordan side. He wanted to keep my youngest daughter. It was a compliment.

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