Stolen Van

by Liz

The address was Grant and Huachua, Grant Industrial Park. I owned a day care at this address, licensed for 101 children. I owned three vans, all labeled for the day care.  They were used for morning delivery to schools and after school pickup for 11 schools.

I arrived at day care at 6:00 in the morning. Something seemed strange. They were all lined up in front. As I looked closer the middle one was gone. I could not believe my eyes so I went in the building and came back out. Sure enough it was gone. I called the police and was told it takes 30 seconds to steal a car or van. I was told it probably went to Mexico. They are usually used to transport illegals to Arizona. I was told it would not usually be found. Months went by and no news. One day the phone rang and it was found by Pima County West Campus College. I was asked to come see it. It was in a terrible situation. The steering wheel stripped so they could not drive it. It was dented and banged up as it had been rolled. The police towed it back to daycare. The insurance agents totaled out the van. I bought a new one but drove it home at night. All three vans had a new night home. Tucson has a record of car thefts to Mexico. I had quite a welcome to Tucson.

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