by Liz
May 19, 2010

I want to write about my experience living under socialism. England came out of socialism in about 1985. Property was sold off by bids of stocks for British Airways, British Gas, BP, British Telecom, etc. They allowed a certain amount of stocks to a person, per bill. Japan bought a lot of stock. Americans and British were at first choice. Thank God for Maggie Thatcher. The British phone booths were sold by bid. I got from Oxford there are eight in the U.S.

Next I want to write about socialist medicine. I was sent to a doctor’s office for medical treatment in England. The lines were long and lined up along the wall. About 30 people were in the office. The wait was terrible for an appointment. I was called in first because I was a paid person. The doctors were allowed to take paid patients because doctors were quitting – the time when funding stopped. Frankfurt and Sweden would take them.

The hospitals got so run down they had to start a lottery to repair them. Care was not good. In one incident, a man had the wrong leg cut off in surgery.

I was only sent once to socialized medicine. I was required to go to the Air Base or Embassy for treatment. I have never experienced such a system. I could not believe we went into such a mess. The cost is terrible – a very high price – 50% or more of your salary. I had my broken arm done at Oxford University. The treatment was wonderful.

Thank God I will never have to use our medical care system. We have worldwide health insurance which we can keep. I hope America can get free from socialized insurance.

God Bless America.

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