Roller Coaster

by Liz

This is a lifetime adventure from childhood dreams. It was an amusement park. I started going about every two weeks during the summer on the banks of Lake Minnetonka. The lights fascinated me and the music.

When I got about eight years old, the roller coaster was my challenge. The roller coaster was huge and made out of wood. It made noises when it went up and down and around turns.

The roller coaster has been put to rest because of the terrible tragedy that happened. The coaster missed a sharp drop and went over the edge to its resting place in Lake Minnetonka. Everyone got a nice swim. It was replaced by Apple Valley Park.

It started a trend with my girls at an early age to see as many amusement parks as possible. The most famous was Alton Tower in England that Disneyland was designed after. They have been to Disneyland, Disneyworld, Bush Gardens in Richmond, VA, Bush Gardens in Florida, and many, many more.

The adventure will go on because my grandson wants to see them all as much as possible.

Dreams can go on generation after generation.

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