by Liz

            We rented a car to go to the beautiful gold coast. It was visited by the wealthy of Europe. The scenery was beautiful and unique, with red tile roofs and white stucco walls.

            We got to our beautiful private villa overlooking the sea. The travel agent in London told us about the owner of the villa. It was furnished in beautiful solid wood furniture, with maid service like a hotel. Here is the most shocking surprise – to step inside, because it was the comrade to Hitler. The longer I was there, the more questions appeared in my mind.

            Why was Hitler’s man in Portugal? Why could he relax in such a beautiful area of the world and be a killer for Hitler? I didn’t know his name because of the inhumane things Hitler and his men did to the world. I was not afraid because he had to have been captured or killed by the war. I will always hope he was a captured victim. The feeling of the place was normal for me and my family. We are trained not to be afraid. The only thing for me was that reality was in my life for a week. Also, millions died under their hands to have this kind of life at the same time as a military officer.

            Think about this.

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