Near Air Miss Between Two Commercial Jets

by Liz

The travel was overseas, but I came to U.S.A. as a foreign traveler. This was another leg of travel, from Sarasota to Tampa, Florida. Sarasota is the home of Barnum & Bailey Circus. The old circus equipment is beautiful. The start of the circus is in Sarasota, Florida each year.

We were heading back to Tampa from Sarasota when to the shock of every passenger it became a nightmare flight.

The pilot announced that a commercial airliner was in our airspace. The plane was coming at regular speed. He said to brace ourselves because we were going down under the other flight. The plane dropped as fast as possible. The praying was very intense, with crying and even screaming. Most passengers were in a state of horror and intense pressure. I had nothing to do but watch and hope we missed the other jet aircraft.

As you can tell, we missed the other carrier. This is a wonderful lesson that things happen very quickly. The Lord took charge and we were all saved. I wonder how many near crashes happen in a year. I will never forget my flight in Florida. My odds of meeting problems are higher because of my air mileage travel per year.

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