My Two Days of Darkness

by Liz

I had surgery on both eyes. I left intensive care blinded and bandaged. I was taken from the table blind and lead through emergency to the car by wheelchair, and then placed into the car by the nurse. I had no sense of bearing but darkness into car.

As the car was driven, I was scared because I had no idea where I was. I knew my husband was taking me home. The darkness frightened me. I know what a hostage must feel like – helpless.

When I got home, it was worse, because there was no direction in the home or outside. I remembered nothing about the home that I had lived in for 10 years. My husband and grandson helped me, but every direction was hard. I lay in bed and could not figure out what to do. As I walked with help, everything seemed darker. I had a tendency to walk into walls.

I had a very hard time eating. This is where you rely on your taste buds. I was not hungry at all because a person likes to see what she is eating.

I had a bad accident because the second day I decided to try walking by myself. I made it to the hall by navigation, but came right back. I thought I found the bed, but did not. I rolled on the floor knocked out. I had crashed into the dresser. I was found on the floor by my grandson and he got help for me. My back had been bruised forward over ¼ of its size. I will never forget my complete darkness for two days of my life. I have gained compassion for the blind more than before, also admiration for their ability to survive. Thank God for my life of seeing!

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