My Permanent Residence in Athens, Greece- Part I

by Liz

It was very exciting to be able to be on a  green card to Eastern Europe. I  did not travel on a tourist passport. The airports have a separate line for passports other than tourists.

 The arrival was done after the attack on Polytech University by college students. The military took over and several hundered were killed on the scene. Military was still in the streets for law and order.

 The next excitement or unexpected was the blowing up of cars. The cars were not blown up as imagined.  They were blown when the key was turned on. We had to look under the car before turning on the key. We never left our car along a street. The cars were pulled on to American property for safety. The cars could be recognized by license plates. I did have its advantage because of because of plates not charged tolls all over Europe.

 The next incident was license card about being an American take me to Galfada Airbase Hospital. The Greek hospitals were unsanitary. There was 14 million people and one ambulance. This is how it works. A man came down a mountain slope on a motorcycle and wiped out. The man had two broken loegs and bleeding everywhere. He was loaded inot the backseat of a car sitting up. This is how injured are transported. I was called because of strangling behind me. I lived in a three story flat in a Greek community called Euro athia. I heard this terrible moan behind the flat. The moan did not stop. Foreigners depend on Americans. Some hate us and some love us from terrorists.  The airport was a terrible horror but we had a special ride from US Embassy so we were saved. Machine guns were always at the airport. It added more men with machine guns. The terror and fear could not have been higher. I was trained to be calm and the girls too. I want to state that my husband was not there. We lived through it alone.

 I traveled to Israel as a thank you in my  mind because they are always at our side. The airport at this had military camouflage  for saving of lives. Now planes go underground.  I also went to unoccupied  Jordan to see Israel’s problems and they helped us. The cars were stopped by military and machine guns-what an experience. Thank God for Israel.

 The travel to to the Ageana Islands was a real treat. The ferry service had your care back on to the fery. We went to all the islands especially Rhodes and Crete.

 I will do part three on wonder of world in Athens and Greece. 

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