My First Commercial Air Flight

by  Liz

The flight was from Kennedy Airport, New York to St. George in the Bermuda Islands.  This is the opposite end of the Bermuda Triangle.

The excitement was fantastic from the first step on the plane.  The excitement got more intense for me because I did not know what to expect.  “Fasten your seat belts.” Was announced and seemed strange because at the same time the stewardess told us what to do if the plane went down and air pressure, too.  There were the emergency doors.

The plane took off with a heavy surge of force.  I watched  the wings of the plane with the flaps down.  As the plane lifted, and ascended in height, the flaps became stable.  The clouds were very beautiful from my window seat.  I listened for every noise on the plane.  The turbulence was exciting—kind of like being on an amusement ride.  Stewardess’s carts shook and then dumped drinks onto the carpet and floor.  The landing was even more exciting on the Island.  The Island is only 21 miles across with pink coral beaches.  The flaps stayed in place on descent and landing was fast, like a quick stop.

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