My Biggest Sorrow of My Life

By Liz

I had traveled for years. I had to face reality. I had to go home to stay. The horror of my life was more dangerous than I had to face. I had a possible assignment to another country but had to resign. I had rehabilitated my daughter and put her in a private college before I departed the USA. She was again heavy in drugs.

The theft of my home was terrible. I went into the crack houses to pull her out. But that was dangerous. I followed them to the woods to try to catch her and call for help. The worst thing was to meet Ring Pint in Washington D.C. They knew I was after them because of my daughter. They slashed my tires, they drove over my lawn which was bad because we waited for rain. The clay digs up with a car driving over it. My youngest daughter was tried to be pulled through bedroom window in the hedge. We heard the noise from the hedges.

As a test of all tests was a young girl downstairs in the recreation room passed out. I always kicked in the the door before opening. I found the parent and they blamed me. The Ring Ping always wore gold crosses.

My family moved twice to get away from this drug mess. It followed me until about five years ago. I used the victim rights provision. I had her sentenced for stealing a large sum of money from me. I also had her listen to me because the judge made her listen before her sentence. I visited her in New York. I had to do hand love or she would have died and me to with a broken heart. I tried rehab before this but being over 18 it was helpless for me. I took her to Richmond and she signed herself out and beat me home. Btu on the way home my guardian angel was watching over us. We had a van with my other daughter her small son and me driving . We went around a curve and an 18 wheeler hit us. The noise was terrible it hit our minivan. Somebody (Guardian Angel) pulled that 18 wheeler over. The  was high up in the Shaendoah mountains. The Guardian Angels were by my side to keep me alive through this episode.

I was hated by every home we lived in because of problem. I hope someday people will stay out of problems if they can’t help. I hung in there until she made it. My husband wanted no part of violence and drug life. I was out there by myself. My determination did work and can work for everyone.

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