by Liz
May 5, 2010

            Welcome to Morocco, a wonderful African country – the beauty of the desert and the beautiful beaches of Casablanca. We departed from London to Morocco. What a change in culture and scenery. We started out at the capital, Rabat, followed by a tour of 14 days around the country.

            The old shopping villages had very different weaving of material, rugs and beautiful silk wall murals of the Arabian Nights. We purchased a throw rug, and a silk mural to take home to Oxford.

            We visited the palace and garden where the king would sit and select his harem wife for the night. He had over one hundred wives and one hundred units for his wives. He had hundreds of children.

            We attended a night club with Arabian dancers. It was pretty exotic.

            There were also many open markets selling silver, copper and gold trays, etc.

            One open market sold wives. Men came to barter and make their selection. It dealt with the dowry.

            The next open market had cobra snakes. My dream was to have a snake charmer lift up the snake until the face of the cobra faced me. It did not happen. I placed my money in the container (written on in Arabic; I could only read the numbers) to have the snake charmer do this for me. Low and behold, a snake was wrapped around my neck until the tail and head met in front of my eyes. I could not scream and could not move. I just stood there. I could not believe the snake moving around my neck. This happened when I bent over to place money in the pot. My daughter cried and my husband stared with disbelief. The snake was around my neck until I requested its removal. The time was very long for me. The tour guide got it removed because he spoke Arabic. He did not understand why I appeared frightened.

            I love African countries because of learning to ride camels. My fist try was not good. I walked up on when the camel was down in quarter. But getting off, I did not realize he had to drop to the same position. I almost fell off the camel on my nose. But I held on for the ride. I am pretty good now. They have a different movement riding on the hump.

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