Junk Drawer

by Liz

I have never had a junk drawer. But every family has a special space for clutter and dropping stuff. I call it stuff because it never goes back to where it should be.

Each home I have lived in had its own unique spot. The most popular spot in our home is the kitchen lunch counter. I clean and pick up twice a day, and the items have to be distributed throughout the house. They come in the door, turn at the hall to the kitchen, and find the counter. They learn young. My 6 year-old grandson can drop stuff too. The next spot is the grocery closet. The food always goes on the top so the bottom stuff is never found until cleaning. The next spot is the toy shelves in the recreation room. The toys very seldom end up on the shelves, but stacked on the bar counter.

When things are down, I am spokesman as to where is this or that.

I have moved about twenty times between the U.S. and overseas. I could not keep a junk drawer because packers would throw it into a box and I would have to sort it out. It is easier to sort the mess out each day or week as required. Our car got taken off the boat at the wrong port and was on the docks at Naples via Athens. I would have trouble with a junk drawer.

April 28, 2010

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