by Liz

We traveled from Liverpool to Ireland by the North Sea. The tour bus was all British people. It was fun on the ferry because of British humor. Back on the bus the humor continued. We stopped several times for Leprechaun crossings. The tourists laughed and did not know when it would happen.

            The country is the most beautiful green (emerald). There are beautiful castles everywhere just like Britain. The Blarney castle is where you climb to the roof then can kiss the Blarney stone . The castle is in Co. Cork. This is how it is done. First lay flat on the ground (roof). Second, hold hands very tight on each side where stone is in place. Third, move your head down to the stone backward and upside down. Fourth, now kiss the Blarney stone. It is a real experience. Double decker buses same as in England.

            One windmill built in 1784 at Co. Down. Many rugged cliffs around Ireland. Road signs are in Galic (National Irish language). Beautiful churches in every city. St Patrick, born AD365, Bishop 432 AD. Converted pagan Irish to Christianity. Thatched roof houses county Cork and County Mayo. They have fox and hound hunts same as England.

            The Lourdes of Ireland is a hill west of Ireland. About 750,000 pilgrims every year from Ireland, Britain, Australia, and United States of America pass through. It is where the Mother of God once appeared.

            We ate in the evenings at Irish pubs. The humor/wild sense of humor was wonderful and enlightening.

            Galloway Bay is very lovely. My mother played that record about every day. As you probably have guessed, my grandparents came from County Cork. My familywere all humorous also. I considered it a fun family. This is my mom’s family. I never met my Dad’s father by the way. He also came from County Cork.

            County Cork has open air markets. We rode the horse and wagon around Killarney. It was great fun with the driver.

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