How To Keep Children In School

by Liz

This is a very serious problem in the USA for drop-outs from school. I think it starts in pre-school and kindergarten.  There is a discipline missing in attitude for kid’s attendance.  The children think nothing of missing days also some parents do not express the importance of being there  every day. The catch up is very hard to do. As time goes on this increases absences.

 Another problem is homework. The homework is not turned in during the early years. The excuses is cannot find! Lost! I don’t fell from observance that ½ get it back in time. Parents will see this if a kid gets a zero each time and of course shows on a report card.

 Children should make a decision on what career route at least by 8th grade or junior high. In Europe a decision is made by 8th grade. But the grade is different because of forms and not grades. A subject is selected according to choice of career. There are 23 universities as considered OXFORD. A test is given and all levels must pass to leave school.

 I think if the kids had more input they will stay in school. Also, uniforms will stop competitive income levels over clothes. No cars should be allowed in high schools because sale of drugs and looking for ways to skip school.

 Also, going to business places to see what the real world is. They also teach money management at a young age so they don’t want to quit school to buy trinkets. Also an allowance should be giving to a child at a young age and keep them in budget.

 This is not a simple problem but looked at all levels. Children that drop behind in subjects should have a tutor or someone to bring them up to grade level. I hope the school system should look into this even if its incentives to keep kids at a grade level.  Also discipline can be done by putting a child in front of class for embarrassment.

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