Frankfurt, Germany

by Liz

This was my venture, by myself, to an area with terrible attacks on American planes. I always fly British Air. But this was a business trip, so American Airlines. My daughter was put back in boarding school until my return. She always went to boarding school, with no coming home. My husband was in some country, but not England.

I left for the airport, and then flew from London to Frankfurt. I arrived to get a taxi ride on the autobahn. This is like a thrill ride at an amusement park. I had heard there is no speed limit, but there is. It certainly does not show it. I arrived in downtown Frankfurt, which we Americans call “Little America.”

The only spot I wanted to see was where Hitler made his speeches to hurt everyone. I was asked to go to Dachau, but had already been to Israel’s Yad Vashem (Holocaust Memorial Museum), with showers of death and everything done to the Jews. It was very heartbreaking for me.

An American plane had been hijacked from Frankfurt before my arrival. All Americans were dumped in the North Sea by the PLO.

I enjoyed my stay with caution. I enjoyed my ride on the autobahn on the way home too. Everything is an experience.

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