by Liz

This is about the reactor blowup in Russia. The fear was more than any experience of a lifetime. They had no reassurance of any way of getting it under control. Help was requested from different countries around the world to get it under control.

The ground was very contaminated and products could not be used for a very long time. I and the military in England got our food from Australia.

There was a time when Europe did not feel it would get it under control. People for miles around it got cancer. The pregnant women gave birth to babies with holes in the valves to their hearts. The babies were sent to America. Babies born after reactor blowups still had many birth defects.

The reactor was repaired by many foreigners from around the world. I will never feel comfortable about a reactor today.

I returned to the U.S.A. and got cancer. They proved it was not from Chernobyl. My terrible, fast growing cancer came from estrogen.

I returned to Washington, D.C. to discover that Calvert Cliffs in Maryland was a nuclear power plant. The nuclear power plant in Virginia is built on a fault zone. This is unexpected.

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