Blenheim Palace

by Liz

This palace is located in Oxfordshire, England. It is the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. He was born November 30th, 1874. He was born in a suite of apartments allotted to Marlborough’s. There is a large temple of Diana where he later proposed to his wife. He was the son of Lord Randolph Churchill and Lady Randolph.

When he was researching for life and inspiration, he would return to visit Blenheim Palace. His wife’s name was Clementine. She and Sir Winston are buried on Blenheim grounds.

The palace was very large with many courts – East, North, and Great Court. It had thirty foot pillars rising from square towers. The palace had many drawing rooms – green drawing, red drawing, green writing room, and the saloon. The tapestries are mostly from the battle of Blenheim. It has three state rooms. Then there is a long library – the length is one hundred and eighty feet long. The palace also has its own chapel.

The grounds have their own lake and water terraces and gardens.

The palace will be preserved by tourist admissions. I had a national monument pass. It preserves many outstanding palaces in Europe and England. It is very wonderful to see. The size and glamour is unbelievable.

February 20, 2011

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