by Liz

I have a surprise. I did not fly from London. My daughter and I got on a military bus. We went across the English Channel. One palace of Marie Antoinette was on the Cliff of Dover at the channel. It was beautiful.

The military were spicy and verbal both ways.

The Dam is a spacious space in the heart of the city. Dam means dyke in Dutch.

Rembrandt lived in Amsterdam from 1639 to 1658. Also, there was the house of Anne Frank, where she wrote the Diary of Anne Frank. She was deported in 1944, when she was arrested and placed in a concentration camp.

The houses have lifts to take belongings from the outside to the inside. It is interesting to watch furniture being moved in.

I was very disappointed to see very few windmills. For some reason, in my mind they were everywhere. Also, all houses look alike, the same as in some sections of New York City row houses.

I turn back to my spicy and verbal military passengers aboard the bus. The first thing I heard, and all the way to France, was about the red light district. The district was an area of business shops. The girls sat in the windows. When a customer arrived, they pull the curtains. And then the process started over. Again, this was my last tour with the military. My daughter was 13 years old, but she had an open mind toward spicy and verbal behavior.

I almost forgot. When the boat got across the English Channel the signs were huge – “Drive on right hand side of road.” A reminder that you have just left England. The Brits and French hate each other. It is a good thing the channel separates the two attitudes.

June 30, 2010

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