Adam’s Toddler Stage

By Liz

Adam and his family lived with us for three years here in Tucson. When he was born this was his first home. He had his own room and a crib, and a six year old brother that lived in the family with my husband and me.

Adam was always very observant of everything, starting at day 3. He also had three dogs here, a rabbit, 22 doves, and about 200 homing pigeons.

I had to babysit Adam the last three months. We have monitored his progress. He is a very determined little toddler. He refused to let us try to put him on his knees to crawl. He was about 8 months old and when no one was watching he got on his knees to crawl. He gained speed very, very fast. When he was crawling the dog would chase him and lick his face. When he stopped crawling and sat, a dog would lick his face on each side. He never cried and just smiled. He was walking at 9 months. He would hold his hands in the air and walk. He now runs and spins around. He can spin with both feet very close together.

He now holds the dogs with both hands and never pinches or is not good to them. He is now 10 months old and says to the dogs, “Good girl.”

He also holds to the rabbit with his big brother’s supervision. He puts his fingers in the soft fur and smiles. The rabbit licked him but he could tell the difference.

His favorite toy is to crawl through a four foot tunnel to the other side. He is a real delight to us all.

The house has two patio doors. The last trick he does now is he can open the doors and go outside and sit on the step. He watches to see if the door is being locked. Also, outside he sits in the doghouse.

How can anything be more delightful than watching a child progress? I forgot to mention that his crib was used once. He preferred the double bed with pillows stuffed everywhere.

March 27, 2011

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