Zen Tangles

By Leslie

Did you ever hear of Zen tangles? I hadn’t until about a month ago. A neighbor introduced me to these unplanned pieces of non-art. They are black-and-white, abstract, pen and ink drawings, usually done on a 3 X 5 white cardboard surface. No planning necessary; artistic talent, and advantage, but nor a prerequisite. I clearly am devoid of same; my neighbor, despite claims to the contrary, has an abundance.

Yes, you can spend endless hours in the pursuit of these abstractions, but the beauty of this enterprise is that you may spend little or much time creating “the tangles,” and there is no judge other than oneself. In fact, the creative process has been compared to one of meditation – the act of producing “the tangles” may so engross and transport the creator. It is also a wonderful use of one’s hands while listening to the radio of a CD.

There is a website which my friend views on a daily basis with absolutely gorgeous “suggestions” for the day’s “tangle.” I, for one, both because of physical and artistic limitations, will stick to my own creations – with just a touch of envy and admiration for those of my friend.

July 2014

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