by Leslie

Zebras. I have zebra earrings, candlesticks, salad spoons, statuettes, mailbox, photos … you name it. I have all things zebra. Whence the zebras?

In medicine, when you are a physician who seeks the unusual diagnosis, the rare disease, it is said that at the sound of hoof beats, you seek zebras, not horses. At the university where I practiced and taught for over 18 years, my reputation, amongst students and physicians alike, was as a zebra hunter. Thus, over the years various trinkets and presents were bestowed upon me – by my former trainees and colleagues … and by friends and family alike.

The mailbox was a special gift – hand painted by a former neighbor and friend after she too learned how zebras were important in medicine.

Alas, my days as a zebra hunter have passed, but I shall always cherish the zebras that adorn my home and hearth. And, you never can tell when a zebra diagnosis will be made by those who have followed in my footsteps, as I made these diagnoses in years gone by.

April, 2013

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