You Tube

By Leslie

I have recently extolled the virtues of “freebies,” but there was one glaring omission: You Tube. For some time I have enjoyed listening to a variety of music, from Andres Bocelli and Sarah Brightman to Judy Collins, and watching numerous talks on You Tube. But, this past week even greater vistas were opened to me. As a former violinist, I was, and have been, more than a little acquainted with the repertoire of violin concertos, or so I thought. But – a whole dimension of these was unknown – and joyously newly discovered. How did this come about?

Listening to KUAT- FM one day, I caught a snatch of the finale of a simply beautiful violin concerto. I had never previously heard and whose Dutch composer, Iver Holter, was unknown to me. Listening to the entire concerto brilliantly performed on You Tube, I discovered a cadre of violin concertos composed by what some may term “lesser romantics,” but nevertheless incredibly gifted individuals. What a joy it has been to, one by one, acquaint myself with these new concerts and their composers. They again impress upon me the talent with which human beings are endowed, and the beauty with which we can surround ourselves, if only we open our eyes to see and our ears to hear!

February 2016