What Is A Writing Group?

by Leslie

I’ve read my mother’s beautiful essays, sad and funny poetry, and jottings of all sorts – and even shared one of them with “the group.” But I am a doctor, a teacher, not a creative writer. Yes, I have written scientific articles, even a book, and book reviews. But, can I write creatively? Can I contribute? I am a wife, mother, a friend, a daughter, a woman who loves the life around me.

So what is a writing group? What is this writing group? To me, this is:

–        A group of people who come together to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences

–        A diverse group of interested and interesting people

–        who wish to remain interested and interesting

–        who care about each other and what others have to say

–        and thus inspire each other to create – and contribute – each and every day.


Post Script – And, in fact, I am in the process of refining a story for a future meeting. And Yes, it is a story – a true – yet funny story – based on an experience in medicine.

** Mother Theresa: “we do not do great things – but small things with great love.”

July, 2012

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