Weeds are for Weeding;Books are for Reading

by Leslie

Did you ever wonder why a book you requested from the library is no longer available? Yet the book may be a classic or have received rave reviews. The answer is, disturbingly simple. The Pima County Public Library has an aggressive discard policy. For instance, novels are kept a maximum of five years. Our library ranked next to the bottom in the number of printed materials per resident in a 2009 survey of public library systems. Yet we are right in the middle in the amount of money spent in acquiring new books.

Those who point to lack of space as the culprit fail to notice the empty shelves in our libraries. Now have e-books, despite rumors to the contrary, replaced paper books?

My passion for books and improving the literacy of my fellow Tucsonans is an inspiration to call a halt to the library’s active “weeding policy.” Are not Tucsonans entitled to read what they paid for?

August, 2012

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